An Interactive Timeline of New Orleans Public Education | 1718-Present


300 Years

115 Entries

This timeline is a summary of the dramatic and complex evolution of public education in New Orleans. Spanning nearly 300 years and comprising over 115 entries, it is a comprehensive account of how we've come to the unique system of schools that we have today.

Reviewing 300 years worth of entries can be overwhelming, so we've included links to a number of the key highlights that can be found in this timeline. Click on any of the entries in the list to the right to be taken to these highlights.

If you would like to start from the beginning and explore on your own, scroll down.

We would like to thank the lead researcher on this project, Walter C. Stern. Walter received his Ph.D. in History from Tulane and is writing a book about race, education, and urban development in New Orleans.  He lives in New Orleans, where he is the K-12 Curriculum Coordinator at the National WWII Museum. He can be reached at

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